Surface preparation

Chipping and removing the existing loose materials. Grinding the surface and clean the surface. Repair potholes and damage area if any with repairing mortar. Plaster the brick wall area.

Waterproofing coating

providing and fixing of water impermeable alkaline resistant flexible joint tape MAPEI BAND H-120 at floor to wall corners and vertical corners providing and application of one coat high flexible two component waterproofing coating MAPELASTIC SMART and followed by laying of polypropylene fabric MAPETEX SEL as a reinforcement and finishing with second of MAPELASTIC SMART

Product Name - Primer:-PRIMER – 3296

Manufacturer:-Mapei Construction products India Pvt. Ltd.

Packing:-10 Kg.

Product Name - Coating :-MAPELASTIC SMART

Packing :-30 Kg. ( Part- A 20 Kg. + Part - B 10 Kg. )

Crack bridging capacity:->3mm ( Along with Mapetex Sel )

Product Name – Corner Tape :-MAPEBAND H – 120 ( Rubber tape with alkali resistant fabric )

Packing:-120mm x 50 Mtr.


Resistance:-Alkali, Acids & Salt solutions

Product Name – Reinforcement:-MAPETEX SEL ( Polypropylene fabric )

Packing:-1 Mtr. X 25 Mtr.

1 Mtr. X 25 Mtr.:-Alkalis contained in cement